Why Choose Diamond Jewellery for a Baby Girl?

A baby’s first diamond is an exciting moment and a time-honoured tradition. Gifting her first diamond will create a memory that can be cherished from infancy into adulthood and once given, it will forever symbolise a precious moment of the bond you both share. 

Read on for some of our favourite reasons as to why you should choose diamond jewellery for a baby girl.  

Why Choose Diamond Jewellery for a Baby Girl?

Thoughtful Symbolism

Diamonds are associated with strength, love and health. They have been worn for centuries and have long been associated with good health and a long life. The stone is also thought to attract abundance, strength, power, courage, fortitude and much more. So, not only are they precious to look at, but their sentiment will show her how much you adore her. 


Other than their symbolic properties, diamonds make perfect gifts for babies for their physical properties too. They are famous for their fantastic durability, and will never scratch or damage. Therefore, she can appreciate them her whole life, knowing they will stay with her forever. 

Diamonds are also one of the most expensive and precious stones on the market and will hold their value decades later, making them a great investment for her in the future. 

Vibrant and Versatile

There is incredible longevity in diamonds as they work for all manner of occasions and are not just for special events. When choosing a diamond to gift to a lucky baby girl in your life, opting for a genuine stone means that it can be reworn or transformed into other jewellery pieces as she grows up, and can be passed on for generations if she so chooses. 

Therefore, a diamond is a gift forever. As she grows, you can rest assured knowing that she can cherish the precious stone her whole life, and appreciate its sentiment now and in the future. 

Why Choose Diamond Jewellery for a Baby Girl?

Baby safe

When choosing a gift for a baby, safety is of the utmost importance. Diamond jewellery is a great choice for a number of reasons, which safety an additional bonus. The hard-wearing properties of the precious stone ensure that it will keep its quality and value over time, as it will be difficult to damage through hands-on play or daily knocks. 

What’s more, diamonds can be paired with just about any and every metal type, including those that are hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive ears and skin. For extra peace of mind, it is always recommended to purchase diamond jewellery for a baby from a trusted retailer with strict and clear safety protocols in place. 

Types of Diamond Jewellery for Baby Girls

A baby’s first diamond can come in many different forms, with jewellery being one of the most common. When set into a beautiful pendant, earring or bangle, the precious stone becomes a wearable piece that can stay close to the child at all times, without causing discomfort or harm. 

There are a number of different types of diamond jewellery to choose from. For example, an identity bracelet with a small diamond detail offers a personal piece of jewellery that can remain in a special girl’s collection for years to come. The sentimental diamond can be paired perfectly with an engraved marking, whether it be a name, date, phrase, or anything else, adding endless meaning to a forever piece. 

Similarly, a pair of diamond earrings are synonymous with style and sophistication and will no doubt become a staple in her jewellery collection throughout her life. In a dainty style, a pair of diamond studs can be incredibly comfortable, while also being timeless and elegant for a lifetime’s worth of wear. 

As well as choosing a design that will remain resilient to the changing styles as she ages, another secret to choosing the perfect piece of diamond jewellery for a baby is all in the size. Many designs are available in adjustable sizes, meaning they can grow as she does. But for more information on how to pick the perfect size, we have a handy guide on sizing to help. 

  • Why Choose Diamond Jewellery for a Baby Girl?
  • Why Choose Diamond Jewellery for a Baby Girl?

Hopefully, by now you’re feeling inspired and are ready to gift the little one her first diamond. At Molly Brown London, we offer a selection of diamond jewellery for babies, children and teens, that will be worn proudly now and for many years to come. 

Shop our entire My First Diamond Baby Jewellery Collection online to find the perfect piece to show the special little girl in your life how much she is adored. For any questions you may have about our diamond jewellery, please feel free to get in touch

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