Introducing our new Forever Diamond Locket Collection

Introducing our new Forever Diamond Locket Collection

Molly Brown London first launched it’s exclusive locket design in 2008 and so we are very excited and proud to introduce the new Forever Locket design. Lockets have been around since the early 16th century and have always been popular with all ages. The new Forever Locket design is, as to be expected from Molly Brown London, simple but super sophisticated. We have launched two sizes, perfect for little girls and older girls as well as for that all important Mummy and Me piece of jewellery. All girls long to be like their mummy and the special bond between a mother and her daughter can be celebrated with these precious keepsake lockets.  

At a time when we all hope to be close again, there is so much need for us to find ways to close the distances between us and loved ones. When the pandemic began in March 2020, no one knew how long it would last and we soon longed for those from whom we had been separated and to be close to them again. Lockets are and always have been that one special piece of jewellery that we can hold close to our hearts. During troubled times, with no clear end in sight, being able to hold on to those that we cherish so dearly has become more important than ever

So out of these difficult times came the inspiration for the Forever Lockets, a gift that is unique and provides an utterly perfect way to keep loved ones close. A gift that says, I will love you forever and I will be with you by your side, forever

Introducing our new Forever Diamond Locket Collection

The small round locket is the perfect size for a daughter or even god-daughter gift and the large locket is adult size and so perfect for older girls and ladies. Both necklace chains are adjustable and so suit a wide range of ages and sizes.

The distinctive starburst diamond setting has been designed to display and enhance the beautiful 3pt diamond featured at the centre of the locket and the soft round shape of the locket is tactile in your hands giving the wearer a sense of calm. 

The diamond takes centre stage on the front of this locket and we engrave on the reverse side for you to add that all important personal touch. The locket can be engraved with a loved one’s initial, name, significant date or memorable word. As the engraved side touches your skin, you are reminded of it throughout the day, taken back to moments in time and to special memories shared with loved ones

Within each locket there is space available for two photos. Whilst yours may hold photos of relatives and loved ones, hers may hold a photo of her best friend, her pet or favourite teddy. Or perhaps it will hold a photo of you, Mummy, Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa or her much loved Godmother, so that wherever she is, you’re right there with her, holding her hand and always reminding her how very much loved she is. A gift that bridges gaps between loved ones and can always be treasured.

Shop here for the latest locket collection. If you’re looking for other childrens jewellery to mark special occasions check out our range of childrens jewellery.

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