Choosing the Name of your Baby Girl

  • Choosing the Name of your Baby Girl
  • Choosing the Name of your Baby Girl

Here are 10 things to keep in mind when choosing a name:

1) First, think about the meaning of the name. Is there a special story behind it or does it have any significance?

2) Think about how well the name will fit with your family’s other names (if you have any). Do they flow together? Do they sound similar? Are there any conflicts with other names you have?

3) Consider what nicknames might work for your child depending on how common the full name is. Remember that nicknames help children feel more comfortable with their names as they grow up! They can also help them stand out from other people who share their full name but are otherwise unrelated.

4) Think about how easy it will be for others to pronounce and spell your child’s name—this can make all the difference when the time comes for introducing her to new people

5) Consider all options: If you’re stuck on a few names, try writing out the full name and see how it looks with last names, middle names

6) Think about whether you want to give your child a name that will stand out in a crowd, or if you’d rather have something more conventional

7) You should also consider if you want to pass down an old family name, or if you want to give your child a totally new one

8) Do you want to choose something that’s personal to you and your partner. It could be a name from your family, or even just a word that has special meaning for you both.

9) How many other people will be using this name? If the name is very popular, then you may want to avoid it. On the other hand you may want something more unique.

10) Most importantly, choose the name you love!

Top 10 baby girl names

In order to help you decide, we’ve created a list of the top 10 most popular names for girls and the meaning of the names.

  1. Olivia – The name Olivia is a Latin name meaning “olive” or “olive tree.”

2) Amelia – The name Amelia is of Latin origin. It means “industrious” or “hardworking,” and has a long history as a favoured name among royalty.

3) Isla – Isla, the Spanish word for island, is also the name of a Scottish river, an island (spelled Islay),

4) Lily – The name Lily comes from the Latin word for the lily flower, “lilium.”

5) Ava – The name Ava is primarily a female name of English origin that means To Breathe, To Live.

6) Freya- Freya is a Scandinavian name meaning “a noble woman.

7) Ivy – The name Ivy is of English and Latin origin and means “vine.” It is derived from the ivy plant.

8) Milly – the meaning of Milly is “rival, eager work; helper to the priest; rival; laborious; eager; bee; honey; gentle strength; brave strength”. Milly is an alternate form of Amelia

9) Mia – The name Mia is girl’s name of Italian, Scandinavian origin meaning “mine or bitter”.

10) Sophia – Sophia is a Greek name meaning “wisdom.”

  • Choosing the Name of your Baby Girl
  • Choosing the Name of your Baby Girl

Celebrity-inspired Baby Names Predicted To Be Popular in 2023

It’s no secret that celebrities have a major influence on baby names. We’ve seen it again and again, from the birth of North West to the popularity of Kylie Jenner’s Stormi Webster. The popularity of celebrity baby names is cyclical and we predict that in 2023 many parents will choose to name their child after a celebrity because they admire them or something they have done.

Baby names based on celebrity baby names can be a fun way to honour your favourite stars, as well as ensure that your child has a unique name that stands out from the crowd.

1) Archie

2) Atlas

3) Billie

4) Bodhi

5) Cosmo

6) Dutton

7) Evander

8) Ezra

9) Graham

10) Jolene


Celebrate her with engraved jewellery honouring her baby name

Engraving baby names on baby jewellery is a great way to celebrate your child’s birth. It’s also a great way to make sure everyone knows who your child is, especially when they’re young and their looks change quickly.

The best part about engraving baby names on baby jewellery is that it can be done at any time. You don’t have to wait until your child is old enough to wear the jewellery—you can get started right away!

You can do this by simply taking a look at our website and finding something that looks like it would be perfect for your little one. You can also take a look at our engraving page to  find out more about our engraving services.

Optimised to ensure your request looks the very best, you can choose to engrave a name, initial, significant date or phrase that will add a layer of love to her special gift. You can preview the range of fonts available to see how the engraving will appear when adding items to your basket before you place your order.

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  • Choosing the Name of your Baby Girl
  • Choosing the Name of your Baby Girl

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