Molly Brown's A-Z of Unique Baby Names

The journey of welcoming a new life into the world is full of important decisions, but none more significant than choosing a name for your little one.  

  • Molly Brown's A-Z of Unique Baby Names
  • Molly Brown's A-Z of Unique Baby Names

This exciting decision can be difficult when there are so many perennial options and we would love to help you find the perfect name that means something truly special to you. That’s why we’ve created the A-Z of unique baby names and their meanings, to give you some inspiration for every letter of the alphabet. 

A is for Ailey

Pronounced like Hailey but without the H, Ailey is of Irish origin and means “light”.

B is for Bea

While Bea is often used as a nickname for the more traditional Beatrice, Bea is a simple yet adorable name that represents “she who brings happiness”.

C is for Celestia

Celestia is a different take on the more common girl’s name Celeste. Celestia is of Latin origin, meaning “heavenly”.

D is for Darla

A variant of the English name Darlene, Darla a sweet shortening that means “darling”.

E is for Emery

Emery is a gender-neutral name of German origin. While some consider it as an abbreviation for the name Emerald, Emery is a beautiful name in its own right. It means “industrious”.

F is for Floella

Floella comes from the Latin word “Flōs”, and means to flower or to blossom. It’s a gentle sounding name that’s a great alternative for the more well-known Florence.

G is for Guiliana

Pronounced as joo-lee-ahn-na, Guiliana is of Italian and Latin origin, meaning “youthful”. 

H is for Hana

A unique spelling of the popular Hannah, Hana is of Arabic, Japanese, Spanish and Slavic origin. It can mean either “happiness” or “flower”.

I is for Iva

Iva is a variation of the Old English name Ivy, and means “God is gracious”. 

J is for Joelle

Joelle is the feminine form of the boy’s name Joel. This charming name is of French origin.

K is for Kira

Kira has its roots in many different countries, but the Russian origin of Kira means “throne”.

L is for Luella

Luella is a contemporary offering, and it is a portmanteau of the two commonly known girls’ names, Louise and Ella. Louise is derived from the French masculine name Louis, which means “Famed Warrior”, while Ella represents “light”.

M is for Mila

A feminine alternative of the boy’s name Milo, Mila is a Slavic name that means “gracious” or “dear”.

N is for Nia

Of Gaelic and Swahili origin, Nia means “lustrous”, an apt name for the light of your life. It can also mean “bright” in Welsh.

O is for Oona

Oona is of Scottish, Irish and Gaelic origin, and means “one”.

P is for Perla

Perla is a unique name that originates from Latin. It means “pearl”.

Q is for Quinn

Quinn, also often spelt with a single ‘N’, is another name of Irish origin. It means “descendent of Conn”. Conn can refer to “intellect” or “chief”.

R is for Rylie

A variant of the name Riley, Rylie is of old Irish and Gaelic origins. It holds the meaning of “courageous” and “valiant”.

S is for Skyla

Skyla is similar sounding to the girl’s name Skyler, but Skyla has English and Dutch origin. It means “scholar”.

T is for Tegan

Tegan is a popular name in many different languages, and is used in countries all over the world. It’s Welsh meaning is “of doe”, which can be translated to “like beauty”.

U is for Ula

Ula is of Celtic origin and means “gem of the sea”.

V is for Valencia

Before it was a popular Instagram filter, Valencia was more well-known as a Spanish city on the Mediterranean coast. In Latin it means “strong” or “healthy”.

W is for Winola

From the Old German language, Winola means “charming friend”.

X is for Xandra

You may recognise Xandra as a shortened version of the more commonly known girl’s name Alexandra. Both names are of Greek origin, and mean “man’s defender”.

Y is for Yasmina

With many different origins from Old French, Arabic and Persian, Yasmina is a variant of Jasmine. The Persion form of Jasmine means “gift from God”.

Z is for Zia

As part of a group of girls’ names like Mia, Tia and Pia, Zia is a rarer variant. It is of Latin origin, and means “light” and “splendour”.

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