In a world where sustainability has become a crucial focus, Molly B London has aligned itself with some of the world’s most prestigious luxury brands, as a holder of the prestigious Butterfly Mark from Positive Luxury certification, ESG+ Sustainability at the highest levels. This is world-renowned independent verification – the mark of real, sustained, positive change and we are very proud to be part of this vitally important change.

Molly B London has taken significant strides towards becoming a trailblazing brand in sustainable luxury children’s jewelry and is the only children’s jewelry brand that is a holder of this prestigious Butterfly Mark. In this blog, we will delve into how Molly B London achieved this recognition and the measures we are implementing to enhance our brand’s sustainability and showcase that how luxury brands can be more sustainable

Positive Luxury: How Molly B London Is Making Children's Jewelry Sustainable

What is Sustainable Luxury?

Sustainable luxury is the philosophy of creating luxurious products while minimising environmental impact and promoting ethical practices throughout the supply chain. It involves using responsibly sourced materials, conscious design and supporting the well-being of the communities involved.

For a deeper understanding of sustainability in the jewelry industry, you can check out our existing blog post on “Sustainability in Jewelry.”

What is the Positive Luxury Certification?

The Positive Luxury Certification is a prestigious recognition, bestowed upon brands that have demonstrated a strong commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. Brands receiving this Certification have undergone a rigorous assessment process, evaluating various aspects of their operations, including environmental impact, responsible sourcing and social responsibility. Positive Luxury’s purpose is to transform the luxury industry, for the good of the world. To shape a sustainable future, Positive Luxury works with brands to help redefine their business models through their proprietary Butterfly Methodology. This involves impact assessment, risk and opportunity mapping tools, transition strategy and verification through certification, together with communication tools and coaching.

Positive Luxury: How Molly B London Is Making Children's Jewelry Sustainable

Molly B London’s Responsibilities for a Sustainable Shopping Experience

At Molly B London, we believe in transparency and accountability. We have embraced our responsibility to provide a sustainable shopping experience and here’s how we are doing it:


Sourcing the right materials is fundamental to our sustainability journey with our suppliers. With strict guidelines and Supplier Codes of Conduct in place, we are dedicated to using ethically sourced materials in designing our children’s jewelry. We only use recycled gold and recycled silver in the collections and all gemstones are sustainably sourced. All our jewelry holds important certification CSPIA and CPSC, not just one or two styles, every single piece in the Molly B London collection is tested for quality, purity and safety. To understand more about the materials we use and their origins, you can visit our blog post on “Materials Used in Molly B London Children’s Jewelry.”

Conscious Design

Conscious design is at the core of our creative process. We strive to design timeless pieces that can be treasured for generations, reducing the demand for fast fashion. Most children’s jewelry sizing is much smaller than Molly B London’s sizing, the deliberate decision to make our children’s jewelry adjustable and fit for longer, increases its longevity; it can be treasured for longer. By creating durable and versatile children and teen jewelry, we promote a sustainable and mindful approach to consumption.

Positive Luxury: How Molly B London Is Making Children's Jewelry Sustainable


Packaging is at the forefront of our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint. We undertook a complete packaging review, working only with suppliers that could provide us with FSC materials. Our packaging is now only produced using FSC paper and our gift pouch and box and bag ribbons are made only with microfibre materials and RPET ribbon.

Learn more about our gift wrap options and sustainable packaging.

Positive Luxury: How Molly B London Is Making Children's Jewelry Sustainable

Charity and Community Investments

Molly Brown London is a proud supporter of Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital (GOSH) Also, the brand makes donations to The International Tree Foundation (ITF) which is a pioneering environmental organisation whose origins were in Kenya with the creation of Watu wa Miti (People of the Trees) by Dr Richard ‘St. Barbe’ Baker and Chief Josiah Njonjo. As a London business, Molly Brown London is proud to make charitable donations to local schools in West London. Our Founder and Managing Director has also mentored young students on their career paths within the jewellery industry.

Looking Forward: Future Plans around Sustainability

As we look to the future, Molly Brown London remains committed to further advancing our sustainability efforts. Our vision is to continue exploring innovative ways to minimise our environmental impact, expand our charitable contributions and inspire positive change within the jewellery industry.

Our aim is to lead by example, making sustainable luxury a norm rather than an exception.

“The phrase ‘children are our future’ makes it both appropriate and relevant for Molly Brown London to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability. By raising standards and setting the bar for this jewellery sector, we aim to make better choices and inspire others to be more accountable for a better world that we hope to leave for our children.” Erica Illingworth Founder Molly Brown London