The way in which we shop and approach jewelry has changed drastically in recent years as we all become more conscious of our consumer habits. While we still want beautiful pieces of the highest standard, we don’t believe that great environmental sacrifices should be made to achieve such luxuries. 

Sustainability is thus becoming the new heartbeat of jewelry brands and at the core of the creative process. Ethical practices are and should be the most important accessory in every jewelry brand, and Molly B London is here to explain the importance of these practices and how to make them effective. 

What is sustainable jewelry?

Most of us are likely familiar with the term sustainability, but what does it truly mean in the context of jewelry? 

There are many different ways that jewelry can be considered sustainable, but when something is labelled as being sustainable it means it has been created without negatively impacting either individuals or the planet. 

What is ethical jewelry?

Similarly to sustainable jewelry, ethical jewelry has also been made with a conscious effort to cause no harm to people or the planet, with a fully traceable supply chain. Jewelry that is ethical will also have a certification that notes this fact.

Sustainable and ethical practices 

With the demand for sustainable jewelry on the rise, it is important for brands to ensure they are sending the correct message to consumers. Every brand has an obligation to be conscious of its practices and the impact its product lines can have on the world and the people in it. 

There are many practices brands can adopt to strive towards a more sustainable and ethical standard. Here are a few:

Use recycled materials 

If your brand depends on featuring precious metals in each piece, then a great way to reduce mining dependency is to recycle these materials in-house or source the stones externally from reputable suppliers. This prevents the need for new mining and also reduces waste. Many companies even offer a ‘buyback’ initiative as silver and gold rarely lose their properties, therefore your company is already minimizing its carbon footprint. 

Invest in quality materials 

Investing in quality materials is another great way to showcase sustainable practices. High-quality diamonds and metals ensure that the jewelry you’re putting in has longevity so that wearers can treasure their pieces for years to come. Jewelry that does not rely on this standard of quality is often thrown away and replaced due to short lasting materials that will find themselves in a landfill amongst other fast fashion products. Therefore, with each piece your brand creates, it’s important to always consider longevity and quality craftsmanship. 

For example, at Molly B London, we ensure every piece within our collection is crafted from Assay Assured hallmarked materials. 

Sustainability in Jewelry: What does this Mean and Why does it Matter?

Recycle your packaging

Recycled packaging is another great way forward towards creating a more sustainable brand. This ensures your carbon footprint is greatly reduced as you’re reusing existing materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. You can apply this to your gift boxes, shipping boxes, tissue paper and bespoke notecards to create an entirely eco-friendly packaging system and show your customers that you actively care about the products they buy. Take a look at how we use recycled gift wrapping here at Molly B London.

Sustainability in Jewelry: What does this Mean and Why does it Matter?

Show Transparency

A transparent supply chain also indicates the practices you’re putting in place and the message you’re trying to broadcast. When a company can trace the journey of its materials and supply chain, it showcases to your customers that they can trust you and your commitment to sustainability and will also attract customers to your brand that share the same ethical interests. 

Certifiy your sustainability 

Certification of your sustainability will show visitors to your brand, whether old or new, that they can trust your jewelry creation process as being authentically sustainable. The King’s Award for Sustainable Jewelry is a great achievement for jewelry brands to strive towards as it shows an outstanding achievement in Sustainable Development. Companies will have to apply for the award and it is only then achieved if all the above standards are met. Therefore, customers can have complete trust in the sustainable practices of your brand when they see this certification.

Sustainability in Jewelry: What does this Mean and Why does it Matter?

Why create sustainable jewelry?

There is no denying that sustainability should be at the forefront of every jewelry business. Not only do the key elements above ensure a positive environmental impact, but it also shows that we care about your customer’s habits and are willing to go the extra mile to create meaningful, lasting jewelry that both you and your buyers can be proud of for years to come. 

 At Molly B London, our jewelry is made with ethics and sustainability in mind so you can appreciate and be proud of the jewelry you buy with us. 

See how we make conscious design and sustainable choices here. You can also shop our collection of girls’ jewelry here.