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Molly Brown London’s Vision

Molly Brown London was established in 2006 and is now the leading children’s jewellery brand, delivering precious gifts to precious girls around the world. Our reputation has been built on the belief that jewellery is like no other gift, it holds our memories. We know that our customers want to purchase good quality, simple but sophisticated children’s jewellery that will stand the test of time.

Molly Brown London’s Mission

The phrase ‘children are our future’ makes it both appropriate and relevant for Molly Brown London to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability. By raising standards and setting the bar for this niche sector, we aim to make better choices and inspire others to be more accountable for a better world that we hope to leave for our children. Our goal is to set a new luxury standard for the tradition of gifting jewellery to children. We welcome babies into the world with jewellery gifts, we mark special dates and occasions by gifting jewellery to our children. Molly Brown London is committed to ensuring that this time-honoured gifting tradition for children, continues in a better world, for generations to come.

The Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark
The Mark of Real Change

The Butterfly Mark Award is only for brands meeting higher and higher standards for people and nature. Molly Brown London underwent a comprehensive assessment by Positive Luxury built on the foundation of international agreements, global frameworks and standards, and even potential upcoming legislation. And every two years, Molly Brown London has to do it all over again. The bar is forever rising, but we will keep rising to meet it.

Molly Brown London is a proud holder of the Butterfly Mark. We are proud to align our brand with other global luxury brands that are embedding measurable sustainability practices across their business to inspire others.

The gifts that hold memories

Behind Every Memory Today, Tomorrow and Forever

Children's jewelry to be loved as you love her, forever

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