A Locket for a Lifetime

Whilst all jewellery is personal to the wearer, it could be argued that the locket is one of the most intimate pieces of jewellery a person could own. In the era of social media, keeping secrets and parts of your life private can prove challenging, however, over recent years the popularity of lockets has risen. The admiration for lockets goes back centuries, worn close to the heart they often contain something only known to the wearer itself using a hinged mechanism that when opened can reveal something unseen by everybody else.

Many European designs for lockets can date back to the 16th Century when they were often worn to conceal good luck charms, small squares of fabric soaked in perfume to ward off poor smells in public places, miniature painted portraits and even locks of hair.

Famously, Queen Elizabeth wore a locket ring and it was only when she passed, what was inside was revealed; a portrait of her late mother Anne Boleyn and what is believed to be a portrait of herself as a young child. Lockets continued to gain in popularity throughout the Victorian era however it was only the rich who could afford such a beautiful piece of jewellery at the time. Prince Albert gifted his only love Victoria with a bracelet that contained 8 small enamel lockets filled with a lock of hair from each of their children.

Antique lockets can come in various different styles from more classic oval shapes to hearts adorned in filigree artwork to both sides and women would be seen wearing them on either chains or velvet ribbons. The more elaborate styles would feature enamel motifs and a range of brightly coloured precious gemstones.

Lockets have allowed us to represent a moment in time and will continue to become heirlooms for future generations. Our latest locket collection is the perfect way to introduce lockets to your little one. Like holding her hand, the locket becomes a sweet reassurance that she can carry with her throughout life due to its timeless and classic design. A piece of jewellery that she holds close to her heart, you’re never too far away, giving her the strength and courage she needs to overcome obstacles.  


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