November’s birthstone is the citrine, loved for its sunshine yellow shades it is often referred to as the ‘Sunshine Stone.’ A gemstone that has inspired myths and legends for centuries. The citrine is a symbol of positivity and a sunny disposition, making this gemstone perfectly aligned to the calm spirits of Scorpios and Sagittarius.’ Believed to give the wearer a burst of positivity, our beautiful citrine birthstone collection makes a wonderfully thoughtful birthday gift.

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What is November's Birthstone?

What Does November’s Birthstone Citrine Symbolise?

Citrine is believed to bring brightness to your life and is often referred to as the stone of positivity. This magnificent gemstone has a long history of being loved for its impactful bright colour. Citrine was incredibly popular in 300BC, and the Ancient Greeks and Romans would often wear Citrine gemstones on their fingers as a symbol of power.

Where are Citrines Found?

Citrine is a variety of quartz and is mostly mined in the mountains of Russia and Madagascar. Citrine is from the same family as amethyst, occasionally the two crystals can form together to create a wonderfully unique stone called Ametrine.

What is November's Birthstone?

Citrines in Folklore

  • Throughout history people believed that citrine could calm the wearer’s temper and bring positivity and hope.
  • Ancient Egyptians and Greeks would often carve patterns and shapes into citrine and use them as talismans of wealth and protection

Citrine Gemstone Facts

  • Citrine historically, was referred to as the ‘Merchants Stone’ as people believed it would help the accumulate wealth and success.
  • Ancient Egyptians believed that citrine got its colour from the God of Sun, Ra. Talismans were carved from this bright gemstone to symbolise light, wealth and positivity
  • Citrine had a boom in popularity around the Art Deco period and the golden age of Hollywood, with Hollywood icons wearing this brightly coloured stone as a symbol of wealth and success
  • In Chinese Feng Shui, citrine is placed in a household to attract wealth, success, and wisdom.
What is November's Birthstone?

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