What is June's Birthstone?

Those born in the month of June have the timeless pearl as their birthstone. One of the only gemstones to be formed and found within a living creature. Here is a summary of everything you need to know about the gemstone and what it represents. 

  • What is June's Birthstone?
  • What is June's Birthstone?

What colour is the June birthstone? 

Natural and cultured pearls are produced in a broad range of hues. From pale, creamy white, to yellow, pink and even grey.  

What does the June birthstone look like?

This particular gem can vary in shape. Like the ones used in our jewellery, most pearls are smooth and round in shape and this is considered to be the more desirable shape. However, they can have irregularities and ‘baroque pearls’ have become very popular as they are often larger than traditional pearls and come in many different shapes.  

  • What is June's Birthstone?
  • What is June's Birthstone?

How many birthstones does June have?

June has two birthstones, the traditional birthstone is the pearl, however, some designers have adopted the  Alexandrite as an alternative for the month of June. Although this is not widely used in birthstone jewellery.

What does June birthstone mean?

The precious pearl is thought to help calm the restless mind and control anger of the wearer. They represent prestige, purity and marriage. Pearls are also considered the ultimate symbol for wisdom.


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