When the Cherish Collection was launched in 2017, we knew the design would be popular, what we didn’t expect was just how popular! The designs sell out on a constant basis and so we are thrilled and very proud to throw the spotlight on this best selling cross jewellery design. Inspired by vintage French crosses, the soft lines used for the Cherish Collection cross are perfect for girl’s jewellery. The cross is a modern twist on a classic style that is perfect for a girl of any age. Originally the Cherish Collection consisted of the classic Signature Cherish Cross Necklace and Bracelet but due to its popularity, we introduced new designs featuring freshwater pearls and diamonds, Gold Vermeil and also introduced a range of Cherish Cross Earrings.

A religious gift she will cherish

Whether you are buying for a Christening or to welcome a new baby into the world, or you have a girl’s Holy Communion ceremony coming up, look no further for the ideal cross jewellery gift. A Cross necklace, cross bracelet or cross earrings are obviously the perfect religious gift she will cherish, but, due to its classic simplicity, the Cherish Cross pieces can be worn every day as a modern, classic piece of jewellery. The Cherish silver Cross Bangle is a gift that can be worn until approximately the age of 3, using the Free Engraving Service, you can add her name, her date of birth or the date of the Christening for a very special piece. After this, baby bangles are traditionally kept as special keepsakes.

Cherish: Spotlight on our Cross Jewellery Collection

Cherish Collection Bracelets for her special occasions

Molly Brown London children’s jewellery has always been design led and the Cherish Collection Bracelet is a perfect example of this. The exclusive cross is set sideways and the bracelet chains ribbon through the loops of the cross, creating a pretty double chain effect on the wrist. Our Holy Communion Gift Guide highlights the styles available, all of which make beautiful, sophisticated Holy Communion gifts that will compliment her Communion dress in a perfectly understated way. The Cherish Cross Bracelet is also a very popular Christening gift for a girl. Our Christening Gift Guide explains why a cross bracelet for a baby’s Christening is a great choice. The bracelet is fully adjustable, so she can use the little adjusters as she grows, making this a lovely gift that can be treasured and worn for many years.

The Cherish Collection Necklace

The Cherish Cross Necklace is one of the most popular cross necklaces for girls in the Molly Brown London Collections. The necklace has larger sizing than others, sizing in at 14”, with a final 16” adjuster, allowing her to wear her necklace well into adulthood. You can’t go wrong with the Signature Cherish Cross Necklace, the Freshwater Pearl Cherish and Diamond Cherish Cross versions of this classic teenage girls necklace are beautiful pieces of keepsake children’s jewellery.

Cherish: Spotlight on our Cross Jewellery Collection

The Cherish Earring Collection

Following the success of the Cherish Collection of girls’ cross bracelets and religious necklaces, we introduced matching earrings. The Cherish Earring Collection completes the set of this beautiful jewellery. Choose from classic Signature Cherish Cross earrings, to our Freshwater Pearl Cherish set or the very gorgeous Cherish Diamond studs, maybe her first diamonds! Beautiful Christening or Holy Communion Gifts for all special girls.

Guaranteed sustainable materials

Molly Brown London children’s jewellery is renowned for being excellent quality, and this strong reputation is built on the fact that only the best materials are used in the collections. As an Assay Assured brand, our jewellery goes through additional tests for quality and purity when it is hallmarked. Molly Brown London is a holder of The Butterfly Mark from Positive Luxury – the only children’s jewellery brand that holds this ESG+ Sustainability award. All jewellery is tested for safety and holds the CPA and CSPA Certificates and so our customers can be confident that they are investing in quality children’s jewellery. Read about how we keep our jewellery safe and all the materials we use to create our pieces.

Discover the Cherish Collection

Discover the best selling Cherish Collection today and you can be confident she will treasure her special gift forever.