16th Birthday Gift ideas for Girls

With trends that seem to come and go at lightning speed, and social media’s influence on what they consume without our knowledge, it’s no secret that teenage girls can be hard to buy for. With that inevitable sweet sixteen fast approaching, we’ve compiled a list of the best gifts to buy for her 16th birthday that will make sure you end up with a mum of the year award! 


1. Rainbow Powerbank £25.00

We all know that teens love to be on their phones, but they’re no use if they run out of battery. This sweet rainbow powerbank is a perfect gift for a mobile obsessed teen. It’s cute and small enough they will happily throw it in their bag with their other belongings when meeting up with friends. It also means they have no excuse for not getting back to you when you ask for their whereabouts. 


2.Fujifilm Blush Pink Instax Mini 11 Camera £79.99 

Whilst they love being on their phones, the rise of 90’s nostalgia seems to be a big hit with teens and the novelty of taking a photo and having it print in front of you is one that still fills many with joy. Let them capture memories of this milestone birthday with this handily-sized polaroid camera – perfect for taking selfies and photos of friends that will be cherished for years to come. 

3.Molly Brown London Monarch Butterfly Gold Bracelet £80.00

Jewellery is a failsafe option when it comes to gift buying for a girl’s 16th birthday. As girls get older the allure of diamonds and jewels gets stronger, so gifting her this beautiful gold vermeil butterfly bracelet is a perfect way to add a little bit of glitz to her wrists. Fully adjustable, the bracelet is designed to grow as she does, making it a gift she can treasure forever. Not sure about a bracelet? Gift her a beautiful pair of 16th birthday earrings in the same butterfly design.  

5.Aspinal of London Leather Heart Keyring £45.00

For many teenagers, the most exciting thing about turning 16 in the UK is the prospect of finally getting your learner’s permit or driver’s license. Any gift in relation to this important event will be much loved and appreciated. This sweet yet luxurious heart keyring from Aspinal of London is the perfect add-on to her new car keys. 


6.She Believed She Could So She Did Book £6.99

Your teenage years can be some of the most challenging, so show her that she can get through the ups and downs with this inspirational book filled with life-affirming statements. A book that she can keep returning to and an easy read that will look pretty on the bookshelf. 


7. Impala Pink Quad Roller Skates £95.00

If you can’t skate when you’re young, when can you? Watch her be the cool girl of her friendship group with these fun and trendy roller skates. They arrive in a brightly illustrated box that is perfect for display and are suitable for indoor and outdoor terrain. 


7. Molly Brown London Personalised Gold Vermeil Diamond Heart Locket £105.00

Show her how precious she is to you with this luxury gold locket, which features a beautiful 1pt sparkling diamond and adjustable chain, meaning it can grow as she does. The locket allows for two photos that she can hold close to her heart and give her the courage to take on the world. Something she can treasure for many years, a locket is a perfect 16th birthday gift for a girl.

8. Brayden Studio Pink Knot Cushion £71.99

Since they tend to spend a lot of time in their bedrooms anyway, get them a pillow that is as unique as they are. This knot pillow is a trend piece that has been seen all over the scandi home pages and can make any room instantly cooler and more “instagram worthy”. Available in a range of different colours to suit her style. 

9. Manhua Cha Build Your Own Bubble Tea Kit from £11.95

Ever wondered what that new place in town is with hoards of teens outside? It’s most likely a bubble tea shop. Bubble tea’s popularity has grown incredibly over the years, thanks to the fun colours and popping pearls of tastiness that sit at the bottom of the drink. For teens who don’t like the taste of coffee this has become their new hangout spot. Bring the fun home with this ‘build your own’ kit which comes with everything to make the fun and fruity drink at home. The kits start at four drinks and go up to 24 drinks, making it the perfect activity if she has friends over on the big day. 

10. Molly Brown London Adored Diamond Heart Earrings £68.00

Add a touch of sparkle to her ears with these classic diamond earrings that would make a perfect 16th birthday gift for a girl. Featuring a beautiful folded heart design and 1pt diamond, they’re a timeless piece to add to her jewellery collection. Made in sterling silver, these will stand the test of time and become a staple in her wardrobe. 

We hope that this list has provided some much needed inspiration on what to get your sweetest on her 16th birthday. Whether you’re going for something fun or sparkly there really is something for every teen. If you’re throwing her a birthday bash this year then make sure to check out our sweet 16 party ideas for some tips and tricks on how to make the day that even more special. 

Don’t forget to check out Molly Brown London’s teen Jewellery collection which makes the perfect 16th birthday gift for a girl. 

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