Summer Essentials For Babies

As summer quickly approaches you may be thinking about planning a family holiday, a trip to the nearest beach, or breaking out the paddling pool to enjoy in your back garden. Whilst we understand how to care for ourselves as the temperature rises, you may be wondering how to keep your baby safe and entertained whilst out in the sun.

Our selection of summer essentials for babies will ensure that beach days run smoothly and you can enjoy your time without worrying too much about your little one in the sun.

10 Essentials To Protect Your Baby In Summer

1. Sunscreen

Childs Farm SPF 50+ Sun Cream £9.59

If your baby is 6 months and above you will want to be sure to use sunscreen to protect their delicate skin. This SPF 50+ cream provides high sun protection and is water resistant should you choose to participate in any water activities. This cream will keep your baby’s skin moisturized and hydrated. Dermatologically and pediatrician approved, it’s also proven to be gentle and kind on your child’s sensitive skin.

2. Sun hat

Jojo Maman Girls Pink Gingham Strawberry Embroidered Floppy Sun Hat £14.00

Since babies are extra vulnerable to the sun, it is always recommended that they wear a sun hat for extra protection from UV rays. This adorable strawberry gingham floppy sun hat is perfect for keeping your little ones covered. Featuring an under-chin tie so that it is less likely to end up as another lost hat. It also looks adorable and you can guarantee friends will be asking where you purchased it from.

3. Wetsuit

Splash About Happy Nappy Wetsuit from £24.99

Splash About offers a range of colorful and bright wetsuits for babies and children. Unlike traditional swimming costumes, it is made from a thick neoprene material that will keep your baby warm and content in the water. With a UPF50+ (meaning that only up to 1/50th or 2% of ultraviolet radiation is able to penetrate the fabric which has been tested)  it also covers a good proportion of your baby’s arms and upper body to help protect them from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

4. Mini First Aid Kit

Little Life Family First Aid Kit £29.99

It’s worth remembering that if your baby is on the move or has started finding their feet by taking those first steps,  that accidents can sadly happen. When traveling with children and babies it’s important to be prepared and ensure that you have products easily to hand to tend to any minor incidents and illnesses.

The Little Life’s compact family first aid kit includes everything including an oral thermometer, antiseptic cream, and wipes, as well as dressings, plasters, scissors, tweezers, burn gel, eyewash, and ‘brave little star’ stickers to help put a smile on their face. We’d also advise taking a bottle of age-appropriate liquid paracetamol.

5. Swim Seat

Bestway Baby Safe Swim Seat £12.00

 If you have other children and are in an area with a pool, it would be a shame to miss out on all the water fun. If your baby is under the age of one, this baby float seat with integrated back support is a great option to keep your baby safe and supported in the pool, whilst leaving their legs free to kick and float.

 Super quick to inflate and deflate, parents are able to maintain eye contact whilst swimming with their baby and other children and watching their little one become more confident in the water.

6. Baby Sun Tent

Babymoov Anti-UV 50+ UFP Protection Baby Tent £34.99

If you and your family are planning on spending the day at the beach or a large proportion of your time in an outside setting, this lightweight, portable pop-up tent is perfect for keeping your little ones cool. It comes with an easy-to-carry travel strap and unzips quickly to become an instant well-sized tent to allow your baby and children to play in a shaded area.

With an anti-UV rating of 50+ and a ventilation window at the back, it is perfect for protecting your baby from both wind and harmful UV rays. An absolute must for keeping your little comes, cool and contact in throughout the summer.

7. Wet Bag

Roam Nappies Medium Wet Bag £13.95

An absolute must if you’re traveling or down by the beach are these wet/dry bags. Available in many different sizes and fun prints, these bags are perfect for storing any dirty/wet clothes and diapers.

8.  Sunglasses

IZIPIZI Baby Sunglasses £30

Protecting their eyes is just as important as protecting their skin and with these snazzy sunglasses, it can be done in style. The sunglasses are designed with a soft, straight frame that grows with them and an adjustable silicone strap so they don’t get lost. Suitable from 12-36 months and come in a variety of different colors.

9. Travel Changing Mat

Wild Bee Travel Changing Mat £15

Want a play mat? Or somewhere to change a nappy? This adorable folding travel mat is perfect for traveling. Light as a feather, they are great for throwing in your bag on day trips out and provide enough foam for your child to feel supported and comfortable wherever you are. The waterproof surface makes it great for when you’re down by the beach as any sand can be quickly wiped off. Available in several different designs.

10. Portable Fan

Rechargable Portable Pram Fan £18.69

Keeping your baby and children cool is essential in the summer months. This portable fan is perfect for helping them to avoid overheating. The flexible tripod stand means that it can be attached to a fan or propped up anywhere that is needed. It is both chargeable through USB and battery and provides up to 9 hours of working time making it suitable for long drives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you take a newborn to the beach?

It is advised that if your baby is younger than six months, then you will need to keep them out of the sun completely and stay in the shade. If you have an older baby or toddler, you will also need to keep them out of the sun between 11am-3pm when the sun is at its hottest.

The beach can be a fun and enjoyable experience for the family so if you do decide to take your newborn here are a few things you should consider:

– Find a shady area to keep cool in and make sure that your newborn stays out of the sun.

– Make sure you carry blankets or a travel mat for your newborn to lie or sit on.

– If you take a sun tent, line it with towels and make sure it doesn’t get too hot inside.

– Monitor your baby at all times. Newborns aren’t able to regulate their temperature the same way adults and older children do, so you will want to keep an eye on your little one to make sure they do endure any heat stress

What room temp is too hot for a baby?

Your baby’s room should be neither too hot nor too cold. It is recommended that the best temperature for babies is 20-22 degrees. Babies are more sensitive to changes in room temperature because of their small size and the fact they are still growing.

How do you cool down a hot baby?

If you’re travelling to hotter climates or had a flurry of hotter weather where you are. Parents need to be extra vigilant about keeping their newborns cool.

Here are a few tips on how to cool down your baby this summer:

– Increase their fluids. On hotter days, babies may need up to 50% more breast milk.

– Apply a cold compress. Use a wet flannel or a makeshift ice compress to quickly cool down your little one in hot weather.

– Give them a bath. Experts say that a splash in the tub is perfect for cooling little does down in the summer or right before bed.

– Dress them in suitable and minimal clothing. Choose loose-fitting and breathable fabrics such as cotton.

How to dress a baby for sleep in summer?

Since babies are unable to regulate their temperature properly, the rule of thumb when dressing them in one more layer than you’d wear yourself in their room. If it’s a particularly warm night a footless bodysuit would be perfect. Bear in mind whether your baby’s room has a fan or air conditioning as their extremities can become cold quickly.

Now that you’re prepared for the summer and picked up the essentials, why not treat your newborn to a beautiful piece of Baby Jewelry to go with their summer wardrobe?

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