Gorgeous Gift Wrapping Ideas for That Special Gift

From ribbons and bows to boxes and gift bags, there are hundreds of gift wrapping ideas to add the finishing touches to that special present

Gift wrap adds an extra bit of suspense and excitement when opening a gift. It’s also the first impression your recipient will get from your gift, so it is important to make sure it’s impressively wrapped to really give off that wow factor. So if you’re looking for gift wrapping inspiration, we’ve got some of the most gorgeous ideas that will ensure your gift looks dazzling. Whether you’ve opted for plain, block-coloured wrapping paper, or something with a funky pattern, adding a ribbon will add the finishing touches to your gift wrap. 

There are hundreds of different ribbons which will completely change the look of your gift. Thick, luxurious ribbon will take centre stage on your gift, whereas narrow, block-colour ribbon will add a lovely detail to your gift without taking away from your wrapping paper. No matter what kind of ribbon you choose to add, it’s sure to add a truly special touch to your gift wrapping.


Make it 3D

Who said gift wrapping had to be boring?

Adding a 3D feature to your gift wrap will certainly make your present look interesting. Simply add a rustic twig with a few leaves to some plain wrapping paper. However, it’s not just rustic leaves which can add an interesting focal point to your gift – small toys, decorations and knitted pom poms will ensure yours is the best-wrapped gift in the room. 


Put it in a Box

Make it more difficult to guess what their gift is with a sleek gift box.

Available in a huge number of sizes, colours and finishes, a box will ensure your gift looks extra special.  Simply fill your box with tissue paper or some luxurious shredded paper, place your gift inside and finish it off with a luxurious bow to add some extra excitement to the whole gift opening experience.


Make it Sparkle

If your recipient loves all things sparkly and glittery, then adding some shimmer to your gift wrap is sure to be appreciated. 

Sprinkling shimmery confetti into the inside of your wrapping paper will add an extra element of surprise. However, if you want to avoid any mess, then glittery wrapping paper or ribbons are perfect alternatives to add some sparkle to your special gift. 


Put it in a Bag

If your gift wrapping skills aren’t up to scratch, then a gift bag is the perfect solution.

With so many designs, sizes and personalisation options available, you’re sure to find the ideal gift bag to keep your gift safe. Simply line the inside of the bag with some tissue paper in a complementary colour and your gift is sure to look truly gorgeous – just don’t forget to write on the gift tag! 

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