What to buy for baby's first Christmas

Celebrating your baby’s first Christmas is a magical experience for both parent and child. If you find yourself asking, ‘what do I buy a newborn baby for Christmas?’ or ‘how do I make my baby’s first Christmas special?’ then you have come to the right place. Let’s be honest, your newborn baby will be in no doubt spoiled by friends and family this Christmas but if you’re still wondering what to get or things you can do with your little one this Christmas then you’re in the right place!

Our comprehensive baby’s first Christmas gift guide along with our fun and practical ideas for the big day will make sure that your Christmas will surely be one to remember. 

What to buy for a baby’s first Christmas?

Choosing the perfect gift for your baby’s first Christmas is a special event in itself. You will likely already be drowning in cute and handy baby gifts given to you at the birth or baby shower so finding something extra special that will mark their first Christmas is important. Here’s a list of perfectly treasured gifts for your baby’s first Christmas:


1. Hudson Baby Set of 12 Rich Terry Socks $15.99

An adorable selection of Christmas socks for every day of the festive season. 

2. Fortnum & Mason Baby’s First Christmas Stork Tree Decoration $28.75

What better way to commemorate this special occasion than with a luxury embroidered christmas tree decoration, that you can get out each year and look back fondly at the memories you made as new parents. 

3. Jellycat Holly Stuffed Toy $20.00

A fun and very cute soft toy we’re sure your little angel will love. Perfect for holiday gifting this sensory toy will be a hit with your newborn on the big day.

4. Wonder & Wise By ASWEETS Farm Activity Play Mat $149.00

This soft padded play mat in muted colours is perfect for tummy time. Featuring farm animals in crinkly materials and hidden toys this will keep them entertained whilst you serve your in-laws canapés. 

5. Baby Aspen Robe, Bath Mitt & Slipper Set $50.00

Make bath time extra special and fun with this precious post bath set. Featuring a cute embroidered face and 3D fin this soft Terry towelling set is perfect for delicate skin.

Personalised Baby’s First Christmas Gifts

1. Personalized Baby’s First Christmas Children’s Book $34.71

Treat your newborn to this beautifully illustrated Christmas book that can be personalized with not only your child’s name (that will feature throughout the book) but can also be personalized with your family name and information about the child such as who he/she lives with and their favourite food. One that will sure to be a hit as the child grows and begins to recognise themselves as the character of the book. 


2. Molly B London Personalized Forever Diamond Baby Bangle $203

A beautiful personalized gift for a newborn this Christmas, with the added sentiment of gifting them their first diamond. Engrave with their name or date of birth or special message of love and watch them treasure it up until the age of three. Thereafter it will become a wonderful keepsake that is a reminder of how loved they were as a child. A Personalized 18ct Gold Vermeil Forever Diamond Bangle is also available.

3. Personalised Baby’s First Christmas Wooden Train Set $37.55

Treat them to their very own magnetic wooden train set that can be personalized with their name along with a date or special Christmas message. This train set is a perfect addition to their first bedroom and a beautifully crafted toy that will be loved for many years. 

4. My 1st Years Personalized Reindeer Splash & Snuggle Gift Set  $55.00

An adorable set for Christmas evening when you’re settling the little one down after a long exciting day. This duo can be embroidered with your newborn’s name and the soft cuddly fabric will keep them toasty and cuddle after bathtime. 

5. Molly B London’s Personalized Baby’s First Pearl Baptism Bracelet $89.00

Gifting her her first pearl is an elegant and timeless tradition. This beautiful personalized pearl identity bracelet can be engraved with her name, significant date or special word and would make a beautiful personalized baby’s first christmas gift. The adjustable double chain style means that she can wear it when she’s young and into her older years. 

How to make baby’s first Christmas extra special

Once you have the gifts sorted, here are some ideas and activities you can do with your newborn to make Christmas Day and the festive season extra special. 


1. Create a baby christmas card to share with loved ones

In the run up to Christmas why not gather the props and create a special photo Christmas card of your new bundle of joy to share with the family. Gather plenty of inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram and dress up your newborn in the most adorable Christmas outfit you can find and take a few snaps. Creating your own photo cards is easier than ever and can be done online at the click of a button. A fun experience for both you and baby and a Christmas card that the grandparents can put proudly on their mantlepiece. 

If the idea of putting together a mini photoshoot sounds like too much, then why not create unique Christmas handprint cards to send to friends? Your little girl’s hands and feet will only be this small once, so it would be a real shame not to immortalise the tininess (and, for that matter, show it off) in this year’s family Christmas cards. 

It offers a welcome change from generic card designs, and more importantly, it will give her grandparents, aunts, uncles and any other close loved ones a heartwarming keepsake that money can’t buy. 

2. Create or choose a special Christmas decoration to mark baby’s first Christmas

Many of us will have Christmas decorations that have special meaning behind them and every year we bring them out to decorate our trees and are reminded of wonderful memories. To mark the baby’s first Christmas, choose a special decoration to hang on the tree that will remind you of her first Christmas for many years to come. 

Whether it be a beautiful glass bauble featuring her name or date of birth, a personalised felt piece or even a clay decoration encapsulating the print of her tiny hand or foot. The process of choosing her first decoration will be a truly special one. 

3. Capturing baby’s first Christmas on camera

Whilst getting out your phone on Christmas may be frowned against when amongst family, capturing your baby’s first Christmas on camera is the exception. 

Smartphone cameras are convenient for spontaneous snaps all year round, but using a proper digital camera for your daughter’s first festive photos will yield higher-quality results – clearer, crisper, better-focused images that you can print and display with pride. The nostalgia of waiting for photos to be developed and then going back home and huddling around as a family to view them will be worth the wait and means that you can relive the moment over and over again. 

4. Deck the halls with lights, lights and more lights!

Your little one may be too young to really understand what is going on around them over the festive period, but they will be amazed by the twinkling lights that have suddenly appeared on every outing. 

It’s no secret that babies enjoy sensory play from the age of around 5 months, so decking the house out in lights will create both a calm and enjoyable environment for your newborn. 

5. Pick a cute Christmas outfit for your baby’s first Christmas

There are two types of people in this world, those that dress up on Christmas and those that wear pyjamas. No matter which you belong to, picking the perfect little Christmas outfit for your baby’s first Christmas will bring so much joy to you and everyone who gets to witness the outfit on Christmas day. 

Why not dress them up in adorable novelty festive outfits such as Christmas elf, or even a tiny Santa? Or if you’re more of a traditionalist or prefer the pyjama route, why not get matching tartan pyjamas for your tiny bundle of joy or go down the fail safe red outfit route? 

Let’s not forget that babies can get messy and numerous outfit changes may occur throughout the day, so stock up on some adorably cute outfits and you won’t regret it. 

6. Baby’s first visit to Santa is one you will not forget 

Okay, so we all know that your baby will be too young to even know who Santa is, but the experience will be a sensory overload for the baby and one filled with pure joy for parents. 

The photo alone will bring back an abundance of memories over the years and will also be lovely to show your child as they grow. 

If a visit to Santa induces a crying session, why not take them to see the local Christmas tree being lit or even a fun Christmas train ride that takes you around Christmas scenes that are often accompanied by fun Christmas jingles. This could become a longstanding tradition within your family and creating these early memories are key to not forgetting those precious moments.

8. Pick a beautiful Christmas tree

The largest and most important Christmas decoration is, of course, the evergreen conifer. As is tradition, we place them prominently in our living rooms and halls, adorned with lights and baubles and trinkets, and we surround them with delightfully wrapped presents, so they are a natural point of interest for baby eyes.

Visiting a Christmas tree farm would achieve two goals in one: you will hand pick your own family tree for the year, one that is sized exactly for your home whilst also creating cherished memories in the process. If you can coincide your visit with snowfall or an unmistakably brisk December day, even better. 

9. Go for a Christmas Walk

With the year we’ve had, more than ever are we getting out of the house to enjoy the great outdoors. Christmas walks are the perfect way to destress and get some fresh air. Wrap yourself and baby up in cozy layers, walk through woodlands and revel in the wildlife or stroll past houses and admire their lawn decorations. If you go at dawn, when the light is soft and the branches of trees still have a layer of frost, make sure you take your camera to capture your family in this beautiful light. 

10. Relax and enjoy time with your newborn

Christmas can be an overwhelming time and often pretty hectic if you’re hosting. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when cooking Christmas dinner, or cleaning up after the kids have worked their way through all of the presents under the tree.

Your newborn will only have their first Christmas once so it’s important to take this time to enjoy yourself and enjoy your time with the baby as their eyes widen at the sights around them. Whilst the festive period lasts all of December, remember that Christmas is only one day, so eat all of the food, take all of the photos and watch your little one enjoy the day. 

We hope this article has given you some fresh perspective and fuelled your excitement in the run-up to December’s festivities. Now it’s time for you to enjoy each moment and capture those memories. 

If you’re still looking for the perfect gift for your baby’s first Christmas, Molly B London has a beautiful range of baby jewelry that will later become a beautiful keepsake. 

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