Best Christmas Movies For Kids

The tree is up, the lights are twinkling and the kids are finally off school for the Christmas break. You probably have an abundance of Christmas activities planned to entertain the little ones, but if you finally need a break from gingerbread baking and numerous trips to the nearest Christmas market or fair, then there is nothing better than sticking on a Christmas movie. An easy way to fill many hours over the holidays accompanied by hot chocolates and festive snacks, you can finally put your feet up knowing that the kids will be happily occupied for an hour or two. 


What are the Best Christmas Movies For Kids? 


Best Christmas Movies For Kids

1. Nativity! – 2009 – Netflix

One for the whole family, this heartwarming Christmas movie focuses on a teacher’s job on producing this year’s school nativity play. A little white lie on how the teacher’s ex girlfriend (who he hasn’t spoken to for years but is a hollywood producer) will be coming to watch the play, turns the small nativity into talk of the town and creates competition between the posh rival school. This film will make the whole family reminisce about their own experiences of the Christmas nativity. 

Best Christmas Movies For Kids

2. Olaf Presents – 2021 – Disney+

Everyone’s favourite snowman is back again and this time Olaf goes from snowman to showman as he takes on the role of producer, actor, costumer and set builder for his unique retelling of 5 of Disney’s most iconic animated movies. This comedy short recreates the story of The Little Mermaid, Moana, The Lion King, Aladdin and Tangled and will be a hit with the younger ones. 


Best Christmas Movies For Kids

3. Robin Robin – 2021 – Netflix 

From the creators of Flushed Away and Chicken Run comes Robin Robin, a new Christmas short. An optimistic young robin who has been raised by a family of mice makes a heartfelt wish on a Christmas star. Will the little robin finally learn who she is and how to fly this Christmas? 


Best Christmas Movies For Kids

4. Saving Santa – 2013 – Amazon Prime

This animated movie takes you on an adventure through an elf who dreams big. As Christmas grew bigger, so did Santa’s workshop and his clever elves created technology to get through the festive period with ease. Santa’s enemy is determined to steal Santa’s secrets for himself and the only person who can stop them is Bernard the elf. 


Best Christmas Movies For Kids

5. Godmothered – 2020 – Disney+

When a young and somewhat naive fairy godmother-in-training named Eleanor hears that her profession could be facing extinction, she takes it upon herself to venture out and prove that people still need fairy godmothers. After finding a misplaced letter from a 10-year-old girl in distress, Eleanor decides to track her down and discovers that the little girl Mackenzie, is now a 40-year-old single mum living in Boston. Mackenzie has given up on “happily ever after” but Eleanor is determined to give her a happiness makeover, whether she likes it or not. Filled with plenty of laughs for the whole family, this will be a hit this Christmas. 


Best Christmas Movies For Kids

6. Angela’s Christmas – 2018 – Netflix 

A trip to church on Christmas eve gives young Angela an extraordinary idea. Her desire to make sure everyone is safe, warm and loved at Christmas creates a heartwarming film that will teach the little ones about sacrifice and love this festive season. 


Best Christmas Movies For Kids

7. The Nightmare Before Christmas – 1993- Disney+ 

An old classic, The Nightmare Before Christmas takes you on a story about Jack Skellington and how he should stay in his holiday lane. Fed up with the spirit of Halloween in Halloween town, Jack hatches a scheme to steal Santa Claus and take over Christmas. Whilst there is much debate on whether this stop-motion film is indeed a Christmas movie, there is no denying that as the characters discover Christmas and all of its jolly festivities that Christmas is the main theme of this movie. Perfect if you’ve had enough of the over the top holiday movies and want something a bit different. 


Best Christmas Movies For Kids

8. The Santa Claus – 1994- Disney+

A classic Christmas comedy whereby Scot Calvin, a divorced father and toy salesman, accidentally kills Santa Claus and as a result becomes the next in line to hold his title and responsibilities. Whilst coming to grips with his new identity and the struggle to convince others of his new role, Scott grows as a person and a father by learning the true meaning of Christmas. A heartwarming and hilarious Christmas film that has truly stood the test of time, and perfect for the whole family. 

Best Christmas Movies For Kids

9. Trolls Holiday – 2017- Netflix

When Queen Poppy realizes the Bergens don’t have holidays, she enlists help from Branch and the Snack Pack to bring the holidays to Bergens. This exceptionally bright animation, in combination with the super-poppy songs, will have your children glued to the television. This Christmas add-on is a great introduction to the Oscar-nominated Trolls movie that is loved by children and adults alike. 

Best Christmas Movies For Kids

10.  Muppet Christmas: Letters to Santa – 2008- Disney+

The Muppets are back for yet another Christmas adventure! When Gonzo realizes he forgot to send a few letters to Santa, he recruits his fellow Muppets to hand-deliver them to the North Pole. Will they get there in time before Santa leaves to deliver presents? Find out in this family favourite. 

We hope this list of free Christmas Films For Kids will help keep the little ones entertained during this festive period and even give you a chance to put your feet up or get round to doing those tasks without little people running around amongst you!  

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