What is April's Birthstone?

If you are lucky enough to be born in the month of April, you are represented by the diamond, which some consider to be the most sought after birthstone. Here is everything you need to know about the April diamond birthstone. 

  • What is April's Birthstone?
  • What is April's Birthstone?

What colour is the April birthstone? 

A traditional diamond is a sparkling white colour and this is considered the most popular type of diamond.  However, in recent years, the ‘salt and pepper’ diamond has grown in popularity and this can sometimes be used in birthstone jewellery as a cheaper alternative to traditional diamonds.. The salt and pepper diamond is grey in tone with dark flecks within the stone known as inclusions.  Another type of diamond that can be used in more modern birthstone jewellery is the ‘champagne diamond’ which is naturally slightly brown with a yellow hue. 

What does the April birthstone look like?

The April birthstone diamond is a faceted gemstone that sparkles intensely under the light. 

  • What is April's Birthstone?
  • What is April's Birthstone?

What does April birthstone mean?

The beauty and brilliance of the diamond makes it the perfect symbol of everlasting and eternal love. It was also believed to bring courage to the wearer. Diamonds symbolize healing, purity, innocence and eternity. In ancient times, these gems were thought to be the tears of the Gods.

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