What is March's Birthstone?

Those born in the month of March have the beautiful Aquamarine as their birthstone. A widely recognized gemstone due to its pale blue shade that is unlike any other stone. Here is a summary of everything you need to know about the stone and what it represents. 


  • What is March's Birthstone?
  • What is March's Birthstone?

What colour is the March birthstone? 

The colour of the March birthstone is a pale blue tone. 

What does the March birthstone look like?

The March birthstone can vary from deep green-blue to light, slightly greenish blue hues, faceted aquamarines are often free from inclusions and as clear as water, symbolising purity of spirit and soul.

  • What is March's Birthstone?
  • What is March's Birthstone?

How many birthstones does March have?

March has two birthstones, however the traditional one in most pieces of jewellery is the aquamarine. The other birthstone that people can obtain for the month of March is the bloodstone, a deep dark green colour that is flecked with spots of red and orange. However this is not as common in birthstone jewellery. 

What does March birthstone mean?

The word aquamarine is a combination of two words, aqua, meaning water and marina, meaning the sea. Therefore the gemstone is named after the beautiful sea and was often used by sailors throughout history to give them good luck on the sea and ensure a safe trip. Its soothing blue colour was believed to bring mental clarity and help release negative energy from the wearer.

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