First Holy Communion: How to Organise Her Celebration Party

Celebrating her First Holy Communion is a very special family time, a time to bring everyone together to celebrate this important moment in your daughter’s spiritual life, when she will first receive the Eucharist. 

Having prepared for the sacrament of taking her first communion, your daughter will have shown her commitment and so this is a wonderful occasion to celebrate her with family and friends. And what better than to have a Holy Communion celebration party when there is something big to celebrate. 

There is a lot to think about when you are organising a party and so we suggest a First Holy Communion Party Checklist to help you stay organised, keep all your Holy Communion party ideas in one place and make this special day all the more perfect. 


What is a Holy Communion party and why do you have one?

A Holy Communion party is a wonderful way to help daughter, granddaughter, or Goddaughter cherish the First Communion for years to come. Hosting a Holy Communion party will make this important day in your daughter’s life even more memorable and special. It will be a wonderful family day and create an occasion when loved ones can all celebrate together and show their love and support. 

Of course the First Holy Communion religious service itself is the main event but having a First Communion Party has become extremely popular with many people planning for months to make this the most perfect day. 

First Communion parties come in all forms, from small, intimate gatherings with close family to big community parties with all of the other children that have received their First Holy Communion. So if you want to learn more about what a Holy Communion party is, then read on!

How to plan Holy Communion Party: what to consider

The First Holy Communion season is now such an important time in the calendar and so you will need to plan your party well in advance. Once you know your budget, book your venue, or if you are planning to have your party at home, think about the space you have and so don’t send out too many Holy Communion party invitations if you can’t accommodate everyone! 

If you are planning to hold the party in the garden, do you need a marquee? The weather can be unpredictable in May/early June. This is an important milestone in your daughter’s spiritual life but there is no right or wrong, everyone will be celebrating your daughter on this wonderful occasion, as she takes her First Holy Communion. 

With this in mind, here are some key things to consider:

First Holy Communion: How to Organise Her Celebration Party

1. How many guests should you invite to the celebration?

There are many ways that a Holy Communion party can be celebrated. Some people will keep their celebrations small and so a great idea would be to have a lovely lunch or breakfast at a local hotel for close family, or at home if this suits your budget better. 

It’s worth keeping all your Holy Communion party ideas in one place, just to make sure that you stick to your budget and don’t over invite! Having said that, some people love a lavish party and so will host a much bigger Holy Communion Party, inviting family, godparents, friends and even classmates. 

It is important to remember that this is your daughter’s moment and so try to make sure that the guest list includes some of her friends, or even some of the new friends she will have made as she has taken her steps along this religious journey. 

2. Where should you hold your Holy Communion Party?

Anywhere that suits your budget! Many people will opt to have the party at home rather than looking for a Holy Communion party venue. However, if you do want to hold the celebrations at a venue, a local hotel, village hall or local restaurant will all make lovely venues and could be a good idea if you are planning to invite lots of guests. 

First Holy Communion: How to Organise Her Celebration Party

3. Should you organise a Holy Communion theme party?

Themes are a great way to focus your party planning. The main thing to remember about the theme of a Holy Communion party, is that it’s all about the celebrant. So this should make it easy! What is her favourite colour? Does she love playing games? What is her favourite food? However, whatever the theme that makes it just hers, most people opt for a nod to the  First Holy Communion and so a party idea will ideally focus on this main event. 

This is an important religious occasion and so try and keep your theme focussed on First Holy Communion party ideas, there are lots and lots of suppliers out there and they will all provide wonderful Holy Communion party supplies, including invitations and party decorations. 

4. What decorations should be used?

Balloons, flowers, streamers, pretty lights, any of these would make beautiful Holy Communion party decorations. Holy Communion confetti could be really sweet sprinkled on the tables, featuring little crosses and stars. Candles can also be used to create a beautiful feature as a Holy Communion party decoration. 

Holy Communion Party idea themes tend to be kept simple, featuring pale, soft colours as well as pretty stars, crosses and flowers. Don’t forget that your daughter is the celebrant, she is the star of the day and so try to involve her and feature things she loves as well.


First Holy Communion: How to Organise Her Celebration Party

5. Should you send invitation cards?

Invitation cards certainly make things more formal and will help you plan numbers. There are some extremely pretty choices on offer, but we suggest sending your invitations out early, this is the Holy Communion ‘Season’ and everyone will have busy diaries. 

There are lots of choices available to buy when searching for Holy Communion party invitations, just make sure you buy yours early. You could of course involve your daughter at this stage and ask her to help design and make some homemade Holy Communion party invitations to keep the price down and make the event very personal.

6. What do you serve at a First Communion party?

A buffet style lunch would be lovely, it will enable people to circulate and you can organise everything in advance. You can make the buffet table in the same theme of the party, to include sprinkles and pretty flowers.  

If you are catering for your First Holy Communion celebrations yourself, it would be sensible to make sure you have accounted for all ages and dietary requirements. Also, don’t forget you will be catering for children and adults and so keep things simple. We love big salad bowls, grain bowls and maybe some chicken or fish dishes to make a more substantial meal.If you are time poor, delicious sandwiches and a piece of yummy cake will do the trick. 

The other thing to remember when hosting your own First Communion party is that there will be many guests that will be willing to help a hand. Perhaps ask a close friend or relative to back you up so that you are not overwhelmed having to make 30 cups of tea and have some time for you to relax and enjoy this special day as well.

7. What games and entertainment can you organise?

A winner is always a bouncy castle. But remember this is Holy Communion Season and so your local companies may get booked up quickly, so worth jumping on this one (excuse the pun.) 

Holy Communion party games would be fun to play, old favourites such as Pin the Tail on the Donkey, or Grandma’s Footsteps will keep everyone amused. You can of course book an Entertainer for your Holy Communion party, this will mean all the adults can really relax and watch the children having fun with the professionals. 

What if it rains? It’s definitely worth having a supply of arts and crafts pieces, just in case the weather means the youngsters have to stay inside.

First Holy Communion: How to Organise Her Celebration Party

8. Should you hire a photographer?

It is a personal choice and again budgets will dictate but a lot of people book one for a few hours just to make sure that they get the perfect shots of your daughter in her Holy Communion dress and of course, her First Holy Communion Jewellery

If you do have a photographer, make sure he/she takes plenty of shots for you to choose from and to encourage photographs with lots of family members to remind them of the special part they played on this important day. 

You will have spent a lot of time and money choosing the perfect Holy Communion jewellery and dress and so it is worth making sure that you will have some perfect photographs to remind you of this special day.

9. Should you provide party favours?

Party favours are  a lovely way to thank family and friends for their love and support for your family on the day your daughter takes her First Communion. Many will have travelled far and many will have bought gifts for your daughter, particularly family and godparents who no doubt will have bought beautiful First Holy Communion jewellery for her to wear on the big day and for her to treasure.  

Another idea is to ask the photographer to take some photographs of your daughter to make a thank you card. It might be worth looking through our Holy Communion jewellery edit and seeing if you like some of the styling that has been used to photograph the necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

10. What should she wear to her Holy Communion party?

And now the exciting bit, the dress and then, to set the dress off beautifully, First Holy Communion jewellery that is simple and yet sophisticated for this important day. There are many beautiful Holy Communion dresses to choose from for the service, you may also want to think about a pretty dress for her to change into for her Holy Communion Party, because she is not going to be able to look after her dress bouncing on a bouncy castle or playing hide and seek in the garden! 

For her jewellery, this is the moment to purchase a timeless keepsake and The Cherish Collection is our best selling range by a mile, but do check out the beautiful new Halo design, the new Hope Collection and the ever popular Guardian Angel Collection. Her first special Rosary necklace would be perfect as little girl’s pearls and will look beautiful against her dress on the day. 

All Molly Brown London Holy Communion jewellery is adjustable and so she will be able to continue to wear the jewellery as she grows. Traditions and memories can be stored forever and as Molly Brown London designs are simple and yet sophisticated, the chances are she will want to wear her Holy Communion jewellery for years and years. 

We are pretty confident that Molly Brown London is THE destination for people shopping for Holy Communion Jewellery gifts – it is busier on our website than at Christmas – so don’t leave it too late to choose the perfect piece of Holy Communion jewellery for her. We also offer Free Engraving and Free Gift Wrap to make your gift extra special.

11. What to do once the Holy Communion party has finished?

It’s time to write those thank you letters. It is an old tradition but we believe it is a valuable one. Family members and friends may have travelled far and perhaps splashed out on new outfits as well as bought your daughter a beautiful Holy Communion gift. So a quick note from your daughter or from you to thank them for their love and support will be most appreciated. 

Her First Holy Communion is a special occasion, and one that should be celebrated! At Molly Brown London, we feel incredibly honoured to play a part in making the special day a touch more memorable through cherishable jewellery. For a stylish and symbolic piece of jewellery for the special little girl in your life, be sure to browse our full collection online today. 

For any help or advice on sizing, materials, engraving, or anything else, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

First Holy Communion: How to Organise Her Celebration Party

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