It’s no illusion that the younger generations are more in tune with the likes of social media platforms such as Youtube, Tik Tok and Instagram. And whilst they can provide an opportunity for young teens  to become social media superstars, they also provide an incredible range of educational and entertaining resources for younger kids. During the half term holidays you will often find parents running around trying to find activities to keep kids entertained and let’s face it, it’s not long before we turn to the nearest screen, because one board game bicker a day is enough. 

If you’re worried about your child browsing through the vast amount of Youtube content that’s out there (720,000 hours uploaded daily to the site to be exact), you can download the YouTube Kids App which allows children to browse the site freely without running into anything they might not be ready for. 


1. Crash Course Kids

Science made fun. Describing itself as “Science with a side of awesome”, this YouTube channel is a fantastic way to engage younger children in the exciting world of science. Covering a range of different topics such as space, food chains and chemical reactions, all of which will sure to be covered throughout their lessons at school. 

2. TED-Ed 

A channel created for kids  by the people that brought us TED talks. These animated videos cover interesting concepts within history, science, poetry and more whilst also challenging those questions that sometimes even parents don’t know the answer to like, “Can you be awake and asleep at the same time?”

3. BBC Earth 

Not just one for children but also adults too! If your child is an animal lover, head on over to BBC Earth where there is an assortment of videos for kids of all ages. With playlists covering specific animal species, to animal battles and even a playlist on cute baby animals. Both educational and entertaining.


4. Cosmic Kids Yoga

For when you need to get them moving but also bring the energy levels down. Cosmic Kids Yoga is the perfect channel to help children practice mindfulness, help them relax and channel their energy. This will also help them build confidence, balance and strength and an easy and fun way to get some exercise in on those days you’re stuck indoors because of the rain!


5. HiHo Kids

Watching these kids and their reactions to new things is the real entertainment here. From trying school lunches from around the world, to meeting someone who is colour blind and answering questions with hilariously innocent answers. An easy way to keep your children entertained that will be sure to provide some laughs for the adults too.


6. Draw So Cute

If you have a child that is a creative type and into art, this channel is perfect for teaching them how to doodle just about anything. From cute unicorns to their favourite cartoon characters. They also provide great resources on their own website including these handy print-at-home colouring pages. Perfect for passing time whilst you’re trying to unload the dishwasher.

7. Geek Gurl Diaries 

Carrie Anne provides tutorials, interviews and demos around software engineering. She makes computer programming fun and appealing for girls and gives them an insight into the world of coding. As a former ICT teacher in East London, Carrie noticed that the uptake for ICT and computer science by girls was limited, with often other creative subjects such as Art and Dance being favoured. So she set out to create this YouTube as a way of not only making computing more fun and appealing, but to make the industry more inclusive of girls. 


8. Maddie Moate

This UK- based youtuber will inspire your kids’ curiosity about the environment, animals, science and engineering as she takes you through her adventures into the world. From teaching children how to make a mini compost bin, asking an archeologist about the wonders of Egypt and learning all about your most beloved pets during pet week, Maddie covers a vast range of topics. She also films a range of at home DIY ideas that will keep even the most hyper of children entertained. 


9. Super Simple Songs

For when you’re bored of Baby Shark or Peppa Pig, check out Super Simple Songs channel for a variety of colourful animated characters singing popular songs and nursery rhymes. 

These videos encourage your children to get up and dance and sing along to songs such as “The Wheels on the Bus” and “One Little Finger” all whilst tiring them out. When it’s time to say goodnight, tune into their “Bedtime Songs for Kids” playlist for some soft sweet lullabies. 


10. Sesame Street

The beloved muppets we grew up with return to our screens via YouTube! Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Elmo, Bert and Ernie and the rest of the crew hang out together in videos covering everyday learning topics such as “Walking a Dog on a Leash”, “ABC’s in Espanol” and “How to Make S’mores”. They also provide fun entertaining music singalongs and online-only cameos from celebrities. 

So from Molly Brown London, we hope that this selection of children’s YouTube Channels will offer hours of entertainment and some that can be viewed as a family.  If you’re looking for keepsake gifts for kids, tweens and teens that mark other special moments shared with family, check out the range of children’s jewellery that she will treasure forever.