September’s birthstone is the rich blue sapphire gemstone. A gemstone with a very royal history. The sapphire is a symbol of truth, faithfulness, and nobility, this royal gemstone is perfectly aligned to the harmonious spirits of Virgo’s and Libra’s

Known for its long history with royal families, the sapphire has adorned royalty for centuries and truly is a gemstone fit for a princess.

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What is September's birthstone

What does the September birthstone Sapphire symbolize?

Sapphire is believed to attract abundance and protect against negative energies. This majestic gemstone has been favored by royalty for its calming influence and spiritual guidance.

Sapphire gemstones are formed in almost every color of the rainbow except for red.  A red sapphire is called a ruby, although it is of the same base composition, a ruby is formed with other elements present, such as Chromium which gives the ruby its royal red appearance. It is the element of iron that gives some sapphires a rich royal-blue hue

What is September's birthstone

Where is sapphire found?

Sapphires are found all over the world, but the best quality blue sapphires are found in Sri Lanka. Although in 2016 there was a ‘sapphire rush’ in Madagascar with huge deposits of sparkling blue sapphires found on this small African island.

Sapphires in Folklore

  • Ancient Greeks believed that sapphire gemstones were linked to the god of Apollo, sapphires were often worn as it was believed to connect the wearer to the spirit world and provide guidance. There were especially popular with spiritual healers due to their perceived ability to tap into the third eye.
  • Ancient Hebrews believed that the Ten Commandments were engraved on tablets of sapphire, though historians now believe the blue gemstone referenced in the Bible may have been lapis lazuli.
  • Ancient Persians believed that Blue Sapphires were gemstone chips from a huge gemstone pedestal that supported the earth, the reflections of which colored the sky blue.
  • Known as the royal gemstone, sapphires have long been favoured by royal families. The first royal sapphire date back to the 2nd Century AD when kings wore sapphires to protect them from harm.
What is September's birthstone

Ten sapphire gemstone facts

  • One of the finest examples of blue sapphire is the Rockefeller Sapphire. A 66-carat internally flawless sapphire with an exceptional color of cornflower blue. This famous gemstone became a part of Rockefeller’s impressive jewelry collection in 1934 when John D. Rockefeller, Jr bought the stone from an Indian Maharajah.
  • The most highly regarded sapphires are often those that come from Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is so famous for its sapphires that it is sometimes referred to as ‘Gem Island’. The rarest variety of sapphire is found in Sri Lanka. It is named ‘padparadscha’, the Sinhalese word for ‘lotus flower’. They have a pinkish, orange color, creating a look of sunrise and sunset. They are typically sifted out of Sri Lankan River.
  • Sapphire is September’s birthstone but is also traditionally gifted on the 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries. Blue sapphire is said to bring luck, loyalty, happiness, and love.
  • One of the most famous royal sapphires is the one gifted to Princess Diana as an engagement ring. This beautiful gemstone now belongs to the Duchess of It’s considered a modern royal heirloom and weighs 12 carats.
  • A unique phenomenon can occur in sapphires if they are cut in a cabochon style, known as asterism. Inclusions in the stone can create a star-like pattern of rays that appears on the surface and is referred to as a “star sapphire”.
  • Sapphires are formed in every color of the rainbow except red, in addition to occurring in a wide range of colors, sapphires may sometimes change color under different lighting conditions. There is very often a slight shift in hue, but sometimes it can be very pronounced, sapphire gemstones can sometimes appear blue in daylight and purple in incandescent light:
  • For many centuries sapphires have been used in magic, astrological prognostication, and alchemy. Ancient scholars believed that precious gemstones had powers that could be harnessed by man. Helen of Troy believed that her enchanting desirability was owed to the larger star sapphire that she always wore.
  • Some of the first sailors have been documented wearing sapphires as they believed this would protect them from drowning at sea.
  • In Medieval times, sapphires were used as a test for infidelity; if the color changed when worn then the wearer had been unfaithful. The wives of the crusaders were tested with sapphires (including color change sapphires!) when their husbands returned from their campaigns.
  • Many of the most impressive examples of sapphires can be found in the Crown Jewels. The Imperial state crown is made of gold and set with 2,868 diamonds, 17 sapphires, 11 emeralds, 269 pearls, and 4 rubies!


What is September's birthstone

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