Top First Holy Communion Dresses for Her in 2022

An event that will forever hold a special place in her heart and one that she will share with future generations, her first Holy Communion is a pivotal part of any young Catholic girl growing up. One thing we’re she will be excited about is her Holy Communion dress.  An important and special part of her big day we thought we would share our favorite 2022 Holy Communion dresses that we think will become her favorite too. We’ll also help to answer some of those important questions you may have regarding dressing your daughter and any other attendees. 

What should you wear for Holy Communion?

Is there a particular dress code?

Since Holy Communion is a particularly formal occasion, children participating should be dressed appropriately. For girls, this means wearing a white dress that symbolizes purity. The dress can be either a simple white dress or something more embellished for those that prefer something more ornate. Girls can also accessorize their outfits with a shawl, headbands or jewelry if they wish. Boys typically wear a dark suit with dark dress shoes and a dark-colored tie.

What length should the communion dress be?

 Your child’s First Communion Dress should fall below the knee or tea length (mid-calf). However, it has become increasingly more popular to opt for floor-length (touching the ankle)  Holy Communion dresses in recent years. This does mean that whilst some flower girl dresses, as pretty as they are, would not be appropriate for this occasion, due to them being on the shorter side.

Do communion dresses have to have sleeves?

This is a completely personal preference. There are generally more sleeveless dresses on the market, however, your church may insist that shoulders are covered during the First Holy Communion ceremony. If this is the case you may purchase a shawl, cape or sweet cardigan that can be worn during the ceremony. Both short sleeve and long sleeve dresses are the traditional routes when picking a first Holy Communion dress with both coming in a range of different sleeve styles. Cap sleeves are considered appropriate short sleeves, lace sleeves make a simple Holy Communion dress more interesting and if you really do prefer a sleeveless or spaghetti strap dress, then you can always pair this with a bolero style jacket.

What Accessories can be worn at your first communion?

Many families choose to gift their daughter a piece of jewelry on her first Holy Communion to commemorate the day that also becomes part of her communion dress. Holy Communion Jewellery can range from classic cross necklaces to delicate pearl bracelets. Headbands can also be worn as pretty accessories along with a small white or ivory bag to wear on the big day. If her communion falls on a particularly chilly day, accessorizing with a white shawl or embellished jacket is the perfect way to keep her warm whilst keeping with the theme of the day.

What color do you wear for the first communion?

The traditional color worn by a girl to her First Holy Communion is pure white. Many Latin American and European countries’ dress colors can vary from pure white to vary. We would strongly recommend that you contact your church to see what may or may not be appropriate on the big day.

What should I wear to my daughter’s First Holy Communion?

When attending your daughter’s First Holy Communion, keep in mind that you will be in a church and this is a religious ceremony. Therefore, you should wear clothing appropriate for the church.

Women should opt for skirts/dresses that fall below the knee, sleeved blouses, trousers and closed-toe dress shoes. Men should opt for button-up shirts, ties, trousers and dress shoes or loafers.

You should avoid anything that shows too much skin like strapless and low cut tops, shorts and short skirts, flip flops and trainers. Women should also avoid wearing too much makeup during the day and young girls should not wear makeup

When should you buy communion dresses?

The Holy Communion shopping season starts in January and peaks at the end of April as everyone gathers the remaining items needed for the big day. In order to avoid disappointment, we recommend ordering the dress you want in February. This is especially necessary if the dress you want is made to order. If you are a little more laid back in choosing a dress, you can delay your shopping until closer to the big day.


Top Holy Communion Dress Ideas for the Special Day


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