As we approach Springtime and the leaves start to change colour and daffodils start to sprout, our children may be asking that all-important question, why? To make it a little easier to answer, we’ve curated a selection of children’s books that are perfect for teaching children about how the world around them transitions to Spring.

In the Garden– $27.95 

A beautifully big, hardback book the whole family can gather behind and get lost in. This informative book takes you through the seasons using simple and informative illustrations. Take a peek under the hidden flaps for snippets of information on spring bulbs and what’s inside fruits.

A Forest’s Seasons Board Book– $8.99

This adorably petite but chunky book is perfect for little hands. Discover how the forest changes with the seasons in this one-of-a-kind book. Each uniquely shaped page overlaps the next to create a complete landscape when closed and an immersive world to explore when open. 

Tree: Seasons Come, Seasons Go– $13.97

Take a peek inside the tree and discover how it changes throughout the seasons. This book is perfect for those inquisitive minds and will keep your children entertained through the rhyming text and cut out images displaying animals getting ready for months of hibernating. 


Green on Green– $15.99

This book explores the ever-changing seasons through colour. The whimsical illustrations take the reader on a journey through a young child’s eyes as the seasons change around them. Keep an eye on the mother, as new seedlings begin to burst through the ground in spring so does the arrival of a special new sibling, depicted by the mother’s ever-growing belly throughout the story.

What to Look For in Spring– $7.99 

A bright and colourful book that you can take out on your daily walks to see what animals and flowers you and your child can identify along the way. The book contains a section on what you may find in your back garden along with, nest building for new visitors and information on insects and flowers that pop up in Springtime. A perfect book for homeschooling or one to read together on the sofa.

Slow Down Bring Calm To A Busy World– $24.99 

A beautifully illustrated book that reminds both you and your child to slow down and take in the world around you as it changes with the seasons. A perfect introduction to nature spotting on your daily walks, read this one indoors and then continue the journey outside to see what you can find transitioning into Springtime. 


Spring– $5.99 

This board book is the perfect introduction to the cycles of the year for young children. It is large in size and contains fun activities for you and your child to get stuck into. A sensory book with simple narratives to best describe different aspects of Spring.