What Does Her Birthstone Symbolise?

Each birthstone is steeped in history, mythology and symbolism making it a personal and thoughtful token to gift for a birthday or special occasion.

Although it is unclear how the individual gemstones initially became associated with their respective months, it is believed that the origin story dates back to biblical times. A priest purportedly used to wear a breastplate decorated with an assortment of 12 coloured gems, eventually becoming connected to the zodiac. This began the tradition of wearing coloured stones as a good luck charm, rotating accordingly to elicit the greatest benefit of its power.

The idea that the gems were the most potent for an individual born within the given month fell into favour and it has since been popular to wear the gemstone associated with their birth month for the entire year.

So we’ve put together a mini-guide of what your, or your loved ones’ gemstones mean.


The rusty amber of garnet is considered to bring protection, health, good luck and happiness.  Garnets are said to light up the night and protect their wearer from nightmares and are carried by travellers to protect against accidents far from home. A symbolic and safeguarding gift for your most treasured ones, born in January. 


The regal amethyst is a vibrant violet gemstone that has been prized for centuries and is found in Royal collections worldwide. Fittingly the stone of St Valentine, this captivating gem has a history as rich as it’s colour.  Amethyst is said to brighten one’s outlook on life, give its wearer courage as well as building strong bonds between her and the birthstone giver.


Brush aside those winter blues with the gem of Spring, linked by colour and name to water. Aquamarine gemstones are thought to exude a calming, soothing influence and help the wearer remain level-headed during stressful situations.  Ancient mariners even believed that aquamarine talismans, etched with the likeness of the sea god Neptune, would protect them against ocean dangers.


Celebrate the life of someone special born in April with a symbol of eternal love. The diamond is the queen of all birthstones, apt for your little spring-time princess making the majestic stone is the most coveted of all birthstones. A gift of the first diamond jewellery for a girl symbolises strength, creativity and courage. Eternally a girl’s best friend, diamonds are a timeless gift to celebrate your love for her.


Emeralds, known as the favourite stone of Cleopatra, are a rich green jewel associated with eternity and perseverance fitting for a queen. Once dedicated to the ancient Roman goddess of love and beauty, Venus, the lush emerald birthstone is still a sight to behold. The noble gemstone is a perfect gift for May babies as a symbolic nod to the values of honesty, wisdom, growth and patience that emeralds are said to signify. 


Age-old legends suggest that pearls were created when a rainbow met the earth after a storm. Precious drops sent from the clouds above which are thought to bring serenity and peace to their wearers. The oldest known gem, pearls have been a symbol of unblemished perfection since ancient times. Formed deep beneath the ocean eventually transforming into a lustrous gemstone that represents new life and opportunity for anyone lucky enough to be born in June.


For a child born at the height of summer the rich July birthstone and symbolises passion, power and energy. A gem of enduring love, it is said that a fire burns within a ruby owing to the brilliant red glow.  Bold and beautiful, rubies are thought to promote youth wealth and vitality in their wearers. The perfect jewellery for those strong July birthday personalities with a zest for life. 


Known affectionately as the ‘evening emerald’ the verdant peridot is a beautiful gift for those born in August. A stunning shade of green, it is thought to bring happiness and light into the lives of its wearers. The gemstone of the sun, it reflects the lush green tapestry of late summer. Invoke the spirit of long warm days spent relaxing with friends and family creating cherished memories with birthstone jewellery for your precious August baby. 


Ancient cultures once believed the sky was painted blue by the reflection of dazzling sapphire stones from the coveted birthstone of September babies. The velvety colour for centuries has been seen as a symbol of the heavens and a guardian of innocence. Magical in its deep blue hue sapphires represent good fortune, wealth and wisdom. One of the most coveted gemstones, it is an eternally popular gift for September birthdays.


Wearing an opal is said to bring about loyalty and confidence, a transformative stone that reflects all the beautiful sparkling colours of the rainbow. The name fittingly means to see a change in colour and precious jewel and is a stone long associated with vibrant energy and creativity. Unique in its appearance and cloudy technicolour hues, the opal is a fabulous gift for a girl born in October.


Drenched in opulence, the November birthstone, citrine was once set into elaborate jewellery for old Hollywood glamour stars like Joan Crawford and Greta Garbo during the lavish Art Deco period. Known for its calming energy the golden yellow of a citrine gemstone will bring the wearer optimism, clarity, warmth and enlightenment; a gift for someone truly special. Revive the most luxurious look with a  golden Citrine gemstone just for November babies, making her a modern leading lady. 


Turquoise is a stone of protection, and for thousands of years spanning all cultures, has been prized as a symbol of wisdom, nobility and the power of immortality. Turquoise is one of the oldest protection amulets and seen as a symbol of prosperity, the perfect gift for those born in the festive month. Opaque, mysterious and blue, the turquoise is a unique gemstone that stands out from all the others, with it’s fresh and feminine colour, perfect for a December girl’s birthday gift.

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